अंकपलीn.f. written notice
अंसबadj./adv. apt, advisable
अकलn.f. prudence, insight
अकसरadv. normaly, mostly, often
अगरचconj. although, even if
अगलबadv. mostly, probably
अगाउadv. first, before
अचरजn.m. wonder, surprise; adj. amazing
अचिरजn.m. wonder, surprise; adj. amazing
अचीरजn.m. wonder, surprise; adj. amazing
अजबn.m. wonder, miracle, extraordinary matter; adj. amazing, strange, astonishing
अजराहn.m. carrying out, execution
अजरूइprep. from, from the direction of
अजाइबn.m.pl. s. अजब
अजुरौn.m. bondage, unpaid labour
अड़बnum. 100 millions
अढाइnum. two and a half
अढाइंnum. two and a half
अतालadj./adv. very, very much
अदनाadj. low, poor
अदाn.f. carrying out, completion, execution
अदाबn.m.pl. (sg. अदब) good manners; respect; form of greeting
अदालतn.f. judicial court
अधकारn.m. power, authority
अधोn.m./adj. half
अधीadj. f. half
अनसारn.m.pl. supporters, companions
अप्रचconj. then, as follows; marks the beginning of the actual content of a letter following the introductory formulas
अप्रंचs. अप्रच
अबूदीयतn.f. service, devotion
अभालadj. nowhere to be found, invisible; insignificant
अमनn.m. peace, tranquillity
अमरn.m. order
अमलदारn.m. tax officer
अमलाn.m.pl. employees; tax collectors
अमांनतn.f. bail, security
अमा.abbrev. of अमावस्या n.f. the night of the new moon
अमालn.m.pl. deeds, actions
अमीनn.m. tax officer, responsible for allotment of taxes
अमीलn.m. tax officer, responsible for collection of taxes
अमुमनadj./adv. normally, generally
अरगजौn.m. perfume, ointment
अरजn.f. petition; news, information (always used if directed from a person of lower rank to a person of higher rank)
अरजीs. araja
अरबाबn.m.pl. owners, masters; persons attrusted with sth.
अलकाबn.m.pl. titles, honorary titles, epithets; forms of address in letters
अलबतadv. although, certainly
अलबतहadv. although, certainly
अलाहदाadv. separately, individually
अलाहीदीadv. separately, individually
अलुफाn.m.pl. food, provisions, daily wages
अवधार-v.t. to accept, receive, hold
अवलnum. first (esp. first of month)
अवादाn.f. promise, assurance, arrangement
अवारजोn.m. record, book-keeping
अषतियारn.m. leadership, power, authority
असट-धातn.f. the eight types of metal; alloy, brass
असबाबn.m.pl. (sg. सबब) causes, reasons
अहतयाजn.f. necessity, need
अहदn.m. government, reign
अहदासn.m. invention, innovation
अहलn.m.pl. people, persons
अहवालn.m.(sg.!) circumstance, condition
अहसानn.m. favour
अहैदn.m. government, reign
आंतिरैpostpos. कै आंतिरै within, inside of
आघोadj. far, far away
आघीadj. far, far away
आछाadj./adv. good, sane, healthy
आछांadj./adv. good, sound, healthy
आजारn.m. illness
आजुरदाadj. anxious, sad
आडा-v.t. to stop, prevent, block
आडी आ-to come to one's help, support
आफतीn.f. accident, mishap, misery
आब-रुn.m. dignity, honour
आमदनीn.f. income, earnings
आमलn.m. tax officer, responsible for collecting taxes on Pargana level
आवाछाआवाछा थे from southern direction
आसतैadv. slowly
आसरी-बादn.m. blessing
आसरैn.m. shelter, haven
आसामीn.m. client, subordinate, tenant, servant
आसारn.m.pl. traces, tracks; आसार मुबारक the sayings of Muhammad
आहनीadj. made of iron
इंतकालn.m. transport, transfer
इंतषाबs. इतषाब
इंनादn.m. resistance, rebellion
इंषलासीn.m. friendship
इअतमादn.m. trust, trustworthiness
इक-num. one (in cmpds.)
इजतn.f. honour
इजतीn.f. honour
इजाफाn.m. growth, increase, promotion
इजाफोn.m. growth, increase, promotion
इजाराn.m. lease; title on land given on lease
इजारोn.m. lease; title on land given on lease
इतफाकn.m. event, incident; coincidence, accident
इतराजn.m disapproval, criticism
इतलाइn.f. announcement; advice
इतषाबn.m. selection, choice
इतहादn.m. alliance
इनतजारीn.m. waiting, expectation
इनसाफn.m. verdict, justice
इनामn.m. present, favour, honouring
इनाइतs. इनायत
इनायतn.f. favour, generosity
इनायतीs. इनायत
इमतयाजn.m. distinction, honouring
इरतबातn.m. alliance, friendship
इरसादn.m. decree, order
इरसालn.m. consignment
इलतमासn.m. plea, petition, request
इलाजn.m. cure, healing
इषलासn.m. friendship
इसतकांमतn.f. strength, stability, firmness
इसतगासोn.m. appeal for help
इसतीफाs. इसतेफा
इसतेफाn.m. abdication, renunciation
इसानn.m. favour
इसारतn.m. sign, hint
इस्तेमालn.m. custom, usage, practice
इहतीयातn.f. caution, precaution
इहत्यातn.f. caution, precaution
उकतn.m. time
उजनn.m. weight
उजरn.m. excuse, pretext
उजर-v.i. to be destroyed, laid waste, to rot
उतनn.m. homeland
उन्हालुn.m. summer, summer heat
उपरांतpostpos. after, behind
उपाड-v.t. to remove, discharge
उरैpostpos. कै उरै: in the direction of
उरफadj. known as, aka
उलूसn.m. tribe, people
उसरतn.f. difficult condition, poverty
एतबारn.m. confidence
एतराजीs. इतराज
एवजs. ऐवज
एसांनn.m. favour
ऐकलाadj. single, sole
ऐतबारs. एतबार
ऐतराजीs. इतराज
ऐवजn.m. substitute, barter object; के ऐवज मै: for, in place of
ओघn.m. sum, certain amount of money
ओढनीn.f. shawl, scarf
ओलादn.f.pl. children, descendants; तेमुर की ओलाद: the Timurids, the Mughals
ओहदोn.m.(sg.!) office, position
ओहलोadj. single, alone; stealthy
क.abbrev., s. करार
कंमैतn.m. bay horse
कंरमn.m. generosity, favour
कचहड़ी / कचहरीn.f. court, administration, office of the Dīvān
कचैहड़ीs. कचहड़ी
कटकाइn.f. army
कटारीn.f. dagger
कठाn.m. unit of square measurs; approx. 60sqm
कतलn.m. killing, execution
कतीn.f. dagger, sword
कदम-बोसीn.f. kissing of the feet as a sign of submission
कदरn.f. measure; quantity, value
कदाचadv. sometimes, perhaps
कदीमadj. old
कबजn.f. confiscation, take-over
कबांणn.f. bow
कबीलाs. kabîlo
कबीलोn.m. tribe, family
कबुलn.m. consent
कमतरींनadj. lowest, humblest
कम-बेसadv. more or less
करजn.m. debt, credit
करांमतn.f. generosity, greatness
करारn.m. fixed place; adj. fixed, established
करोलn.m. guard
कलांadj. big, large
कवलn.m. promise, agreement
कवायदn.m.pl. rules, regulations, drill
कसदn.m. intention, wish, decision
कसरn.f. mistake, problem, troubled relations
कसायलोs. कसालो
कसालोn.m. trouble, inconvenience
कहरn.m. scorn, anger
काइमs. कायम
काइलadj. agreeing, consenting
काफीलाn.m. caravan
काफुरadj. vanished, gone
काबिलadj. able; sufficient
काबु / काबूn.m. property, authority, power
काम आ-v.i. to fulfill one's duty, to die in battle
कायमadj. fixed, established
कालबासि / कालबसीn.m. departed person
कासीदn.m. messenger, courier
किराऐn.m. charge, lease
कीफाइतn.f. details, report, account; situation
कीफाइतn.f. abundance, availability
कीफाइतीs. कीफाइत
कीबलगाहीn.m. close friend, reliable friend
कीमंतीadj. precious, expensive
कीमषाबn.m. brocade
कीयांमadj. firm, constant; n.m. stop, whereabouts
कीसती / किसतिn.f. rate, payment, fixed amount
कुच / कूचn.m. departure; कुच दर कुच: one after the other
कुदरतn.f. power, ability
कुदरति / कुदरतीs. कुदरत
कुमकn.f. (milit.) reinforcement, support
कुमषs. कुमक
कुरकadj. confiscated
कुलफn.f. problem, difficulty, inconvenience
कुवतीn.f. strength, power
कुसलां-षैमांadv. happily
केताकindec. pronom.adj. some, several
केदn.f. arrest
कैदn.f. arrest
कोटड़ीn.f. small chamber
कोराadj. pure, untouched; plain (of paper)
कोलs. कवल
गंजूरn.m. treasurer
गजरn.m. bell which is rung at the end of a period of three hours (पहर); early morning
गनीमn.m. enemy
गमn.m. grief, sorrow
गरकadj. sunken, stuck
गरजn.m. mace
गरजn.f. reason, motive; aim
गरदनn.f. neck
गरदनीn.f. neck
गरुs. guru
गवरs. gaura
गिरद / गीरदn.m. circuit, surroundings
गिरद पेसn.m. surroundings, neighbourhood
गीरानीn.f. recession, decay, poverty
गीलोn.m. accusation, complaint
गुजर-v.i. to happen; to be presented, handed over
गुजसताadj. past, happened
गुजार-v.t. to hand over, present
गुन्हगारn.m. man guilty of a crime, offender
गुफतगोn.f. conversation
गुफतगोइn.f. conversation
गुबारn.m. uneasiness, anxiety
गुमड़ीn.f. boil, ulcer
गुमासताn.m. agent, authorized representative
गुमासतोs. गुमासता
गुरज-बरदारn.m. courier, messenger
गुरु(var. गुरू, गरु) n.m. The Guru/Leader of the Sikhs (i.e. Bandā Bahādur)
गुलाल-बाड़n.m. pavilion, palatial gardens
गुलसषानाs. गुसलषाना
गुसताषadj. rude, arrogant
गुसलषानाn.m. bathroom; the room in which the Emperor is giving private audiences
गैरadj. other, strange, diverse etc.; often used as prefix meaningwithout, un-: गैर हाजरि: absent, unavailable
गैलn.f. path, track
गोरn.m. grave
गोरs. गौर
गौरn.m. grave
गौरn.f. attentiveness, consideration, attention
घणीs. घणो
घणोadj./adv. big, great, important, powerful; much, very
घड़ीयालीn.m. servant announcing the passing of an hour or pahara by thestroke of a gong
घाटीn.f. valley, mountain pass
चकn.m. ownership of land
चवावn.m. report, denunciation
चाकरn.m. servant, client, dependant
चालीसnum. 40; n.m. period of forty days
चीताn.m. leopard
चीतोn.m. leopard
चीरौn.m. turban
चीसn.m. pain, cry of pain
चेढn.m. district of 560 villages
चो-num. four (in cmpds.)
चोकसn.m./f. news, information
चोटn.f. wound
चोबदारn.m. herald, announcing the arrival of visitors
छाउणीs. छावणी
छांवनीs. छावणी
छानेछाने छाने adv. repeatedly, again and again, always
छारn.m. dust, soil
छावणीn.f. military camp, cantonment
छुरीn.f. dagger, knife
छेलोadj. ready, prepared
छेलीadj. f. ready, prepared
छोकराn.m. boy
छोकरोn.m. boy
छोकरीn.f. girl
जंजीरn.f. chain
जनेतn.f. procession of the bridegroom's party to the house of the bride
जबतadj. confiscated
जबरदसतadj. violent, superior, strict
जबरदारs. जबरदसत
जबानीadj. oral; n.f. oral or written report which gives a literal account of the original utterance
जबुनीn.f. evilness, wickedness
जमइयतs. जमीयत
जमीयतn.f. army; camp; assembly
जरn.m. gold, silver
जरषेजadj. fertile
जरायतn.f. agriculture, harvest, yield
जरिबीs. jarîba
जरीn.f. gold thread, brocade
जरीदाadj. distinct, separate; n.m. register, book-keeping
जरीबn.f. gauge, unit of measurement (approx. 50 meters)
जलुसिn.m. meeting, convention
जषमीadj. hurt, wounded
जसनn.m. celebration
जहैतिn.f. remote province, border territory
जाइगाs. जायगा
जां-फीसांनीn.f. self-sacrifice
जांबs. जुवाब
जांमिनn.m. guarantor
जांमिनी / जांमीनीn.f. security, guarantee, deposit, bail
जागैहs. जायगा
जा-ब-जाadv. here and there
जाबताn.m. rule, regulation
जामनीs. जांमिनी
जायगाn.f. place, position
जाहरadj./adv. obvious, apparent
जाहल1.adj. uncultured, barbarous; 2. adj. negligent, forgetful
जिबहn.f. cutting the throat, murder
जिला / जीलाn.m. administrative district
जिलो / जीलोn.m. administrative district
जीरैतीs. जरायत
जीरायतs. जरायत
जीलकादn.m. a month of the Islamic calendar
जुजadj. small
जुजn.m. war
जुदागीn.f. absence, separation
जुमलs. jumalo
जुमलोn.m. sentence; a whole, sum
जुरअतn.f. courage, audacity
जुलमn.m. misdeed, crime, injustice
जुलाहोn.m. weaver
जुवाबn.m. answer
जुहारn.m. prostration, greeting
जेजीयोn.m. jizya, poll-tax for non-Muslims
जैलn.f. underside; adv. below
जोकn.m. taste, delight
जोटn.m. pair
जोड़n.m. union, sum, pair
जोड़ीn.f. pair; band (of couriers)
जोमn.m. strength, power
जोरn.m. power, authority, strength, energy
झंझn.m. scorn, anger
झंझल-v.i. get angry, enraged
झष-मार-v.t. to prate, chatter
झड़n.m. current, torrent
झालरीn.f. garland; cymbal
टालाs. टालो
टालोn.m. delay; retreat, evasion
टीपn.f. note, document, draft
ठंढोadj. solid, immovable
ठाहण-v.t. to prepare, provide
ठीकn.m./f. news, information; ठीक पड़-: to become known, to receive a message
ठीकाणोn.m. rank, position
डाबीn.f. sheaf
डाबोn.m. necklace
डार-v.t. to put, throw
डालn.m. basket
डालीn.f. small basket
डीलs. डीलो
डीलोn.m. body
डुगरn.m. hill, hump
डुठीadj. f. aggressive, violent, mean
डुठोadj. aggressive, violent, mean
डेराs. डेरो
डेरोn.m. tent, quarters; pl. camp
डोढीn.f. threshold, door, entrance
डोलn.m. tax assessment
ढंढोरोn.m. proclamation, public announcement (opened by the beating of a drum)
ढबn.m. way, manner
ढलेतn.m. soldier, guard
ढहा-v.t. destroy, ruin
ढा-s. ढहा-
ढीलn.f. negligence, delay
तंबीहn.f. admonition, punishment, (criminal) prosecution
तअदीn.f. offence, injustice, violence, tyranny
तइनात / तैनातn.m.pl. posts, duties; adv. posted, stationed, installed
तइनाथs. तइनात
तकरारn.f. repetition, reiteration, revision
तकरीबn.f. mentioning, recommendation
तकसीमn.f. division, partition, distribution; distribution of the assessed taxes on the particular subdivisions of a district
तकसीरn.f. mistake, offence
तकसुरadj. broken, out of order; (money:) wasted
तकादौs. तगादौ
तगलबn.m. cheat, breach of trust
तगादाs. तगादौ
तगादौn.m. request, claim, insistence
तगाफलीn.m. negligence, disregard
तगीरn.f. worsening, degradation, dismissal
तजवीजn.f. plan, estimation
तदबीरn.f. prudence, foresight, precaution
तजवीजीs. तजवीज
तनषाहn.f. wages, salary
तपसीलवारs. तफसीलवार
तफजुलn.m. generosity
तफरीकn.f. division
तफवीजn.f. transfer
तफसीलn.f. details; list, survey; explanation
तफसीलवारadj. detailed
तफाउतn.m. distance, difference, inequality
तबरn.m. axe
तबुरकn.m. blessing, good wishes; gifts presented to inferiors
तबेलाn.m. horse stables
तमसुषn.m. bill, promissory note
तरकीn.f. promotion
तरजमोn.m. translation
तरवारn.f. sword
तरुदुदn.m. consideration, effort, hesitation
तलबn.f. payment, claim; demand, query
तलहटीn.f. area at the foot of a mountain
तलहैटीs. तलहटी
तलाकn.f. divorce
तलासn.f. search, persecution; endeavour
तलैpostpos. कै तलै: under
तवकफn.m. delay, break
तवजn.m. favour, attentiveness
तवजहn.m. favour, attentiveness
तषतn.m. throne
तषफीफn.f. making light, reduction; adj./adv. light, simple, insignificant
तषमीनाn.m. estimation
तषरीबn.f. destruction, annihilation
तसदीकn.f. confirmation, certification
तसदीn.f. difficulty, problem, inconvenience
तसबी-षानाn.m. prayer hall
तसबीह-षानाn.m. prayer hall
तसरफn.m. property
तसलहn.f. consolation
तसलीमn.f. obedience, submission
तसलैn.f. consolation
तसीहाn.m. inspection
तसीह्याs. तसीहा
तहकीकn.f. investigation, enquiry
तहदिलीn.f. dedication
तहवीलn.f. money, cash money, resources
तहवीलदारn.m. treasurer
तहसीलn.f. revenue district
तहीरs. तगीर
तहैकीकs. तहकीक
ताकतn.f. strength, power, ability
ताकीदn.f. strict order, admonition, force
ताकीयदs. ताकीद
ताजीमn.f. reverence, respect, greeting
तादीबn.f. punishment, torture
ताबn.m. anger, passion
ताबीनn.m.pl. subjects, servants, followers
ताबुतn.m. coffin
तारीफn.f. praise, approval
तारीषn.f. date accorcing to the Islamic calendar
तालकn.m. ownership of land
तालीकाn.m. appendix, list, register
तुफानn.m. storm, turmoil; grave injustice
तुमवारn.m. book-keeping, register, note
तुमारs. तुमवार
तेसn.m. anger, scorn
तोकn.m. iron fetters (around the neck)
तोजीहn.f. description, explanation, account
तोटोn.m. loss
तोबचीn.m. artilleryman
तौकs. तोक
तौजीहs. तोजीह
थामn.m. pillar
थेलीs. थैली
थैलीn.f. bag; bag in which letters are sent
दफेback, rejected
दम-ब-दमadv. anytime, repeatedly
दमड़ीn.f. a coin, worth an eighth of a Paisā
दयानतदारn.m. man of honour, reliable man
दर आ-to come in, appear
दरकारadj./adv. needed; useful
दरगाहn.f. portal, door
दर गुजर कर-v.t. to pass by, overlook, neglect
दरबाबprep. with regard to, for
दरषासतn.f. wish; request, appeal
दराn.m. mountain pass
दरांs. दरा
दरामदn.m. income, earnings
दरोगn.m. lie
दरोगn.m. high-ranking officer, police officer
दलगीरadj. terrifying, narrow, menacing
दलदलn.m. swamp, mire
दलेरadj. courageous
दलेरीn.f. courage
दवाबn.f.pl. livestock (of the Imperial stables)
दषणीadj. southern; n.m. Maratha
दसकतs. दसषत
दसतकn.m. list, register
दसतगs. दसतक
दसत-रासadv. within reach
दसतरs. दस्तूर
दसतुरs. दस्तूर
दसषतn.m. written communication
दस्तगिरिफ्तौn.m. protector
दस्तूरn.m. rule, regulation, practice
दहnum. ten (in cmpds.)
दहसतn.f. fear, fright, terror
दह-सेरीn.f. weight of 10 seers (approx. 10kg)
दागn.m. brand
दाग-नामाn.m. register of livestock marked with a particular brand
दादनीn.f. wages, pay
दामcopper coin; 1 Rupee = 40 Dām; next to the rupee the mostcommon currency to be met in the documents
दालानn.m. hallway
दावाn.m. claim
दाषलadj. come, present, entered
दिकतिn.f. suffering, toil, inconvenience
दीयानतदारीn.f. honesty
दिल-जोइn.f. consolation, compassion
दिलासा / दीलासाn.f. consolation
दीठीs. दीठो
दीठोadj. visible, apparent
दीलबरीn.f. kindness, devotion, sympathy
दीवांन आलाn.m. prime minister, Vazīr
दु-num. two (in cmpds.)
दु-चंदांadv. two times, double
दुरीadv. far, far away
दूंदn.m. argument, debate
दोवमnum.ord. second
दोलतn.f. wealth; government, reign
दोलत-मदारn.m. seat of government; epithet of the ruler
दोलतn.f. wealth; government, reign
द्यौढीn.f. threshold, door
धकाn.m. push
धरक-v.i. to get angry, be angry
धाय-भाइn.m. foster-brother
धिरज / धीरजn.m. determination
धुकधुकीn.f. ornament; jewel worn on a necklace
धुगधुगीs. धुगधुकी
धोकn.m. greeting, bow
नंफरn.m. person, individual; num. used to count humans: चंद नफर: some people
नकदn.f. cash money
नकद-जीनसn.m. money and goods
नकसn.m. weakness, vice, damage
नकदीn.f. cash money
नकसाn.m. map, plan, sketch
नकीबn.m. aide, servant
नगदn.f. cash money
नगारोn.m. drum (presented as a mark of distinction)
नगीनोn.m. precious stone; signet ring
नजरn.f. look, aspect; favour; नजर कर- / नजर गुजरा-: to present, hand over
नजरबंदadj. under surveillance, captured
नजरीs. नजर
नजाकतn.f. politeness, tenderness
नट-v.i. to refuse, say no
नलवोn.m. box made of bamboo sticks in which letters are carried
नवाजसn.m. contribution, care
नवासीरn.m.pl. wounds, ulcers
नसात1. n.f. happiness, well being; 2. n.f. product, creation, creature
नसीहतn.f. advice, admonition
ना-काबलadj. unable, useless
नाजn.m. supplies; fodder
नाजरn.m. low-ranking officer; supervisor
नाजुकadj. small, subtle
ना-दुरसतadj./adv. wrong, unapt
नायबn.m. deputy, vice-
नालn.m. cannon, gun
नालसn.f. accusation, complaint
नालिसn.f. accusation, complaint
नाष-v.t. to throw
नासपातीn.f. pear
नाहरn.m. tiger, lion
निंछरावलिn.f. present; money distributed on certain celebrations
निगारसn.m. letter, communication
निगाह-दासतn.m. supervision, inspection
निहायतadv. very much, very
नीअतs. nîyata
नीकाn.m. wedding
नीमाजn.m. prayer of Muslims at fixed times, Namāz
नीयतn.f. intention, objective, wish
नीयाबतीn.f. vice-regency
नीरष / निरषn.m. price
नीराटadv. very, completely
नीवाजसs. नवाजस
नीवजसीs. नवाजस
नीसबत / निसबतn.f. relation, comparison
नीसांn.m. assurance, bestowal; sign
नीसारn.m. present, sacrifice
नुकसानn.m. loss, damage
नुमाइn.f. demonstration
नेक-षुवाहn.m. friend, well-wisher
नो-num. nine (in cmpds.)
नोबतn.f. drum (presented by the Emperor as a mark of distinction)
नोस्यंदाn.m. writer, clerk
नौबतs. नोबत
पंज-num. five (in cmpds.)
पंजीराइn.f. blend of five different spices, offered as prasād
पगारn.m. bank of river, ford
पघड़ीn.f. turban
पछाड़ीn.f. rear part; की पछाड़ी: postpos. behind
पदकn.m. medal, brooch, badge
पयादाs. पयादो
पयादगानn.m.pl. foot soldiers
पयादोn.m. foot soldier
परतadv. anytime
परतपालn.m. protection
परतलn.m. baggage, burden
परदाषतn.f. pay
परभातीadv. in the morning
परवानाn.m. written order, written confirmation
परवरn.m. helper, guardian
परवरदाadj. protected, supported
परवरीs. परवर
परवानाn.m. written order, written confirmation
परवांनाn.m. written order, written confirmation
परवांनोn.m. written order, written confirmation
परवाइadj. needy
परवाहn.m. care
पलेpostpos. कै पले at a distance of...
पसेमानn.m. remorse
पहैरांवणीn.f. garments (presented as a ceremonial gift)
पाघn.m. turban
पातर षांनाn.m. brothel
पायबाकीn.m. rest, spare money
पाय-मालीadj. destroyed, ruined
पार उतर-v.i. to cross (a river); to accomplish a task
पासवानn.m. guard, guardian
पिटाराn.m. large basket
पीजरोn.m. cage
पुठn.m. back
पुरसाn.m. inquiry
पुषताadj. strong, solid
पुसतn.f. backside
पुसतैनadj. hereditary, inherited, traditional
पेसs. pesa
पेसadv. forward, in front
पेसकसn.m./f. present ( to a person of higher rank); petition, submission
पेसकारn.m. officer; lower ranking tax-officer, book-keeper
पेस-दसतadj. eminent, excellent; n.m. assistant
पेसवाजm. garment, skirt
पेसषानn.m. the Emperor's tent
पेसानीn.f. eye-brow
पैगामn.m. communication, information, news
पोनn.m. wind
पोहरोn.m. watch
फरदn.f. list, survey
फरदाadv. tomorrow
फरमायसn.f. order
फरमूदाn.f. order
फरमूदोn.f. order
फरमोसn.m. forgetting, oblivion
फराहंमadj./adv. assembled, together
फहमीदadj. understood; intelligent
फारगadj. free, unencumbered
फाहसadj. bad, indecent
फीरंगीn.m. European
फीरयादn.f. appeal for help, complaint
फील-षांनाn.m. elephant stables
फीसादn.m. rebellion, mutiny
फीहरसतn.f. list
फुरमायसn.f. order
फेसलn.m. verdict
फैसलn.m. verdict
फैज बषसadj. generous; n.m. benefactor
बंद-बसतn.m. management, organisation
बंदुकn.f. musket, rifle
बइदadj. far, far away
बकस-v.t. to distribute, present, hand over
बकसीn.m. cashier, high-ranking tax-officer; बकसी-गरी: office of the बकसी
बगतरपोसadj. armed, in armour
बगलगीरीn.f. embrace
बगसीs. बकसी
बगेरprep. without
बजंनसs. बजनस
बजनसadv. in detail
बजदadj./adv. serious, firm
बटाn.m. loss
बदजातीn.f. baseness, meanness
बदरadj./adv. outside
बध-v.i. to grow, spread
बमैprep. alongwith
ब-मूजब / ब-मुजबprep. because of
बयानn.m. description, account, explanation
बर आ-v.i. to appear, come out
बरकंदाजn.m. guard
बर-गसताadj. changed, illoyal
बर-तरफadj./adv. aside, apart, gone, dismissed
बरबादिadj. destroyed, laid waste
बरस-गांठn.m. birthday
बरसायतीn.f. rainy season
बरसा-हीadv. all the year
बरहंमadj./adv. confused
बराबुरदीn.f. calculation
बरामदकारn.m. pursuing one's business
बरावरदs. बराबुरदी
ब-वाकइadv. really, indeed
बषतn.m. part; time; point of time
बषसीs. बकसी
बषेर-v.t. to spread, diffuse
बसेषn.m. glory, distinction; adv. above all, especially
बहलn.m. two-wheeled ox-cart
बहानाn.m. pretext
बहालadj./adv. as always, as usual
बहैका-v.t. to mislead
बहैणn.f. sister
बाच-v.t. to read
बाजn.m. falcon
बाज षा-v.t. to examine
बाजीn.f. agreement, settlement
बाजुबंदn.m. anklet
बाजेsome, several
बाजैs. बाजे
बादजprep. after
बादरिadj. made of cotton
बाधpostpos. ... सुं बाध: larger than
बाबतn.f. affair, matter; postpos. concerning
बाबति / बाबतीs. बाबत
बार-बरदारn.m. transport, means of transport
बारलीs. बारलो
बारलोadj./adv. outside, somewhere else
बावड़ीn.f. well, small tank
बिला-कसूरadj. faultless, blameless
बिलौरn.m. crystal, crystal glass
बीड़ाm. pan
बीरयाn.f. time, period of time, hour, moment
बीष-v.i. to become visible, apparent
बुनगाहn.f. rearguard, baggage train
बूतातn.m. expenses, charges
बे-आब-रूadj. dishonourable; बे आब रू कर-: to insult, degrade, demote,humiliate
बेइnum. both; two
बेढn.m. fight, war
बेड़ीn.f. chain, fetter (for feet)
बेमवकैadj. improper, untimely
बेरn.f. time; delay
बे-सबूतadj./adv. without witnesses, yet to be proven
बैचाकadj. ill, weak
बैरषn.f. flag, banner
बोदरीn.f. smallpox
बौहतायतn.f. abundance
ब्याजn.m. interest
ब्यापारीn.m. merchant
ब्याहीn.f. bride
ब्यौरौn.m. report, statement
ब्यौहारn.m. business
भगंदरn.m. abdominal disease, fistula
भांनींजौn.m. sister's son, nephew
मंजलn.f. home; stop on a journey; destination
मकहुरadj./adv. defeated, conquered, subjected
मगरुरadj. proud
मजकुरadj. aforementioned, remembered
मजबुतadj. heavy, solid
मजमुंनn.m. content (e.g. of a letter)
मजलसn.f. meeting, convention
मजालn.f. strength, power, courage
मतालिबn.m.pl. wishes, demands
मतवजैs. मुतवजह
मताहn.f. goods, property
मदतn.f. help, support
मनासिबs. मुनासिब
मनैंadj.adv. prohibited, impeded
मंनैंadj.adv. prohibited, impeded
मन्हेadj.adv. prohibited, impeded
मरतबाn.m. time, occasion
मरदांनगीn.f. courage
मरदानगीn.f. courage
मरहमतn.f. mercy, compassion; favour
मरांहमn.f.pl. favour, presents, gifts
मरातिn.f.pl. times, circumstances
मराहमs. मरांहम
मवइजाn.m. compensation; ransom; revenge
मवाफकadj. apt, acceptable; postpos. in accordance with
मवाफिकs. मवाफक
मवाफकतn.f. agreement, correspondence
मवैसीn.f. livestock
मषफीadj. hidden, private, secret
मसदरn.m. place of origin, starting point
मसरूत / मसरुतadj. limited, conditional on sth.; n.m. fixed share of taxes for the Zamindar
मसलीn.f. comparison; files, papers
मसलहतn.f. good advice
मसषरीn.f. joke, fun
मसोदोn.m. draft of a letter
महकुरadj. low, poor, miserable
महमानीn.f. hospitality
महसुलadj. collected (money); n.m. result, total
महीरn.m. seal
महोरs. मोहर
माइताmother and father
माकुलadj. apt; good, satisfactory
माजूलadj.adv. disposed (from office), degraded, fallen from grace
माणसn.m. man; servant
मातबरadj. trustworthy
मातमn.m. sorrow, grief
माफकs. मवाफक
माफिकs. मवाफक
मारुज / मारूजadj. written, presented, submitted
मारुफadj. famous
मालीतs. मालीयती
मालीयतीn.f. wealth; yield, revenue
मीजमानीn.f. hospitality
मीजाजn.m. mood, temper, health
मीरधाn.m. officer commanding a platoon of ten soldiers
मीसमारdestroyed, ruined
मीसलprep. like, as; n.f. similarity; file
मुंतषिबadj. select, chosen
मुंसषसs. मुसषस
मुकदमn.m. trial
मुकदमn.m. senior, leader
मुकदरadj. entrusted; fixed
मुकररadj. fixed, laid down
मुकरिरs. मुकरर
मुकांमातिpl. of मुकाम
मुकाबलाs. मुकाबलो
मुकाबलोn.m. meeting, encounter (in battle)
मुकाबिलाs. मुकाबलो
मुकाबिलोs. मुकाबलो
मुकामn.m. stop, temporary place of residence
मुचलकोn.m. bail; written obligation (of an accused to appear at court)
मुजराs. मुजरो
मुजरोn.m. greeting; courtesy visit
मुजायकोn.m. difficulty, obstacle
मुजाहिमadj./adv. unapt; n.m. obstacle
मुडणn.m. ceremonial haircut of a baby
मुतउजैs. मुतवजह
मुतदइयंadj. pious, honest, honourable
मुतफरकadj./adv. different, diverse, special, separate
मुतफरकातadj. pl. (sg. मुतफरक) various
मुतरदिदadj. rejected, denied
मुतलकadj./adv. free, liberated; completely, fully
मुतवजहadj./adv. attentive
मुतसदीn.m. government officer
मुतसरफadj. owning, governing; n.m. owner
मुतसिलadj. united, together; neighbouring
मुतहरकadj. mobile, in motion
मुतालिबाn.m. claim
मुतालेn.m. consideration, assessment
मुदआadj. alleged, supposed
मुदतn.f. period of time
मुदारातn.f. courtesy
मुनतजरadj./adv. waiting, expecting
मुनासबs. मुनासिब
मुनासिबadj. apt, appropriate, adequate
मुफसदn.m. rebel, trouble maker
मुफसलadj./adv. separate, detailed; n.m. 'Mofussil', province, countryside
मुबदिलadj. exchanged, replaced
मुमताजadj. special, select
मुमालकn.m.pl. states, countries, provinces; मुमालक महरूस n.m.pl. dependent states, protectorates
मुरतबadj. well ordered, prepared; appointed
मुरसाadj. guilded, decorated, studded with jewels
मुलाजमतn.f. service
मुलाजमतीn.f. service
मुलाहजाn.m. examination, inspection; attentiveness
मुलाहिजाs. मुलाहजा
मुल्हाइजाs. मुलाहजा
मुवाफकs. मवाफक
मुसकलadj. difficult
मुसकसadv. certainly, under any circumstances
मुसतकलadj. solid, lasting
मुसतोफीn.m. high-ranking officer
मुसफकadj. gentle, mild
मुसरफadj. honourable; n.m. officer, supervisor
मुसषसadv. certainly, under any circumstances
मुसाफतn.f. distance; journey
मुसाहबn.m. pal, friend
मुहंमn.f. important matter
मुहासबाn.f. calculation, account
मुहोरs. मोहर
मूजांकौs. मुजायको
मेहn.m. rain, humid weather
मैहगाइn.f. misery, hard times, rise in prices
मोकल-v.t. to send, dispatch
मोकुफadj. stopped, blocked, suspended
मोजाn.m. village; place
मोरुसीadj. inherited, hereditary
मोलn.m. price, worth
मोहडोn.m. mouth; मोहडो काड़-: to demand boldly
मोहरn.m. seal; gold coin
मौजूद / मौजुदadj./adv. present, existent; available
मौतादn.f. custom; fixed quantity
म्हेpron. we
म्हेs. मेह
म्हैजरn.m. assembly hall; म्हैजर नामो/नामा: petition
यनायतs. इनायत
यमनीn.f. carnelian
याकुतn.m. ruby, garnet
येवजs. ऐवज
रकमn.f. amount, sum
रजबn.m. 7th month of the Islamic calendar
रजाबंदs. रजामंद
रजामंदadj. willing, consenting, ready
रजु / रजूn.m. return; refuge; रजु कर-: to return, to ask for help
रदबदलn.m. change, exchange; meeting, discussion
रफाकतीs. रिफाकती
रफाषतीs. रिफाकती
रफेn.m. removal; resolution; release
रबीn.f. spring, harvest reaped in spring
रमनाs. रमनो
रमनोn.m. hunting ground
रयतn.f. farmer, tenant, client
रयायतs. रीयायत
रसतn.f. provisions, supplies, ration
रसमीयातn.f.pl. customs, practices
रसीदn.f. reception, receipt
रहजन / राहजनn.m. highwayman
रहमतn.f. mercy, compassion, divine grace
राजीadj. pleased, content
राड़िn.f. turmoil, rebellion
राधीn.f. discharge, pus
राबानौadj. gone, departed, dispatched
रायतीs. रीयायत
रावटीn.f. small tent; small chamber
रासिadj. of mediocre quality (esp. horses)
राहदारीn.m. collector of toll-charges
राहौणोn.m. pledge, security
रिकाबn.m.pl. servants, slaves
रिफाकतीn.f. comradeship, friendship
रीतn.f. way, manner, style
रीफाकतs. रिफाकती
रीयायत / रियायतn.f. favour, generosity
रीसालाs. रीसालो
रीसालोn.m. cavalry, cavalry unit
रुकाn.m. note, short written communication
रुकसदs. रुषसद
रुठ- / रूठ-v.i. to be angry, be annoyed with sb./sth.
रु-ब-रुadv. opposite, in presence of, from eye to eye
रुषसदn.f. departure
रूयदादn.f. report, account
रेतीn.f. sand, dust; sandbank in a river
रेहकलाn.m. two-wheeled cart
रैत्यs. रयत
रोn.m. direction
रोn.m. current, torrent
रोकs. रोकड़
रोकड़n.f. cash money
रोजनामाn.m. diary, journal
रोजीनौn.m. daily pay, wages
रोसनadj. evident, clear
लइंमadj. low, mean
लबn.m. bank of a river
लसकरn.m. army camp
लाजिमadj./adv. necessary
लारadv./postpos. behind, after
लालचn.m. greed
लीकn.f. line, path, track
लुगाइn.f. woman, wife
लुण / लूणn.m. salt
लोथn.m. corpse
लोलकn.m. earring, nose ring
ल्हसकरs. लसकर
ल्होड़ोadj. small, young
ल्होड़ीadj. f. small, young
वकतn.m. time
वकायाn.f.pl. events, news
वकायेs. वकाया
वगैरह / वागैरहadv. and so on, etc.
वरूदadj./adv. appearing, visible
वाकफadj. informed; n.m. expert
वाकीफs. वाकफ
वाकौn.m. death
वाजबीadj. necessary, due, apt
वाजबुल अरजn.f. written petition
वाजमीs. वाजबी
वारn.m. nearside of the river
वेरानs. वैरान
वैरानadj. destroyed, laid waste
वोलांn.m.pl. hail, hailstorm
शरफn.m. high position, high rank
शुकरn.m. thanks, gratefulness
षंजरn.m. crooked knife, scimitar
षडभडोn.m. noise, tumult
षरचn.m. expenses
षरचीs. षरच
षरीफn.m. autumn; autumnal harvest
षलकn.m. people, crowd
षललn.m. break, breach; misunderstanding
षलासadj. free, released; n.m. release
षलीताn.m. bag, purse
षस-बोइs. षुस-बोई
षसमn.m. husband
षांवंदs. षावद
षातरn.f. thought; respect; esteem; postpos.: की षातर: regarding; षातर मै आ-: to like; जो श्रीजी की षातर मुबारक मै आवै: 'as Your Majesty likes'
षातरीs. षातर
षात्रs. षातर
षात्रीs. षातर
षामadj. unripe, premature
षारदारadj. thorny, studded with thorns
षावदn.m. master, husband
षास आमn.m.pl. the people, crowd
षाहs. षुवाह
षाह-नाषाहadv. willy-nilly; under any circumstance
षाह-मषाहs. षाह-नाषाह
षीताबn.m. form of address; title
षीजमतn.f. service
षीजमतगारs. षीदमतगार
षीजमतीs. षीजमत
षीणadj. weak, ill
षीदमतn.f. favour, service
षीदमतगारn.m. servant
षीफतn.f. insult, humiliation
षीरगीn.f. impertinence, malice
षीलअतn.m. robe of honour
षीलवतn.f. lonely place; private conversation, private audience
षीलवतीs. षीलवत
षीलोn.m. nail
षीलाफadj./adv. opposite, conflicting
षीसारतn.f. loss, damage, wound
षुदायn.m. God (used exclusively for the God of the Muslims)
षुफीय्याadj. hidden, secret
षुमारn.m. drunkenness, ecstasy
षुलद-मंजलposthumous title of Bahādur Shāh ('living in paradise')
षुलद-मकांposthumous title of Aurangzeb ('residing in heaven')
षुवा-v.t. to feed
षुवांनचाs. षोनचा
षुवाहadj./adv. wishing, yearning
षुस-बोइn.f. fragrance, perfume, essence
षुस-वषतadj. happy, content
षुसाबंदीn.f. flattery, greeting
षुस्यालadj. happy, content
षेढn.m. enmity, war, resistance
षेरadj./adv. good; n.m. health, prosperity
षेहn.m. dust
षैरातीadj. intended for charitable purposes
षुवांचाs. षोनचा
षोनचाn.m. box, case
षोफ-रजाs. षोफ-रजा
षोफ-रिजाn.m. anxiety, tension
षोहलाs. षोहलो
षोहलोn.m. cave
संगn.m. stone, precious stone
संवांनिहs. सवान्हा
सआदतn.f. happiness, wealth
सइn.f. efforts, endeavours
सकराइn.f. charge paid for the encashment of a bill
सकिसतs. सिकसत
सगासोइn.f. relatives, family
सजायn.f. punishment
सजावलीn.f. office of the tax collector
सदीnum. one hundred (in cmpds.)
सनदn.f. document certifying the grant of a Jāgīr
सनदीs. सनद
सनवातीn.f.pl. devalued money which is still circulating
सपारिसn.f. recommendation, introduction
सफ-जंगn.f. battle formation, battle-field
सफील परकोटाn.m. city wall
सबबn.m. cause, reason
सबीलn.f. way; manner; सबील कर-: to borrow, collect (money)
समेn.m. time
सरंजामn.m. completion; adj./adv. complete, done
सरकारn.f. administrative district of the Mughal Empire; state, government (of Jaipur/Amber or Marwar)
सरगरंमadj. diligent, enthusiastic
सरगरोहn.m. leader, commander
सरपावn.m. long robe, robe of honour
सरपेचn.m. kind of ribbon or ornament fixed to the turban as a mark of distinction
सरफराजadj./adv. distinguished, honoured
सरबराहadj./adv. done; collected (taxes)
सरबुलंदadj. august, majestic
सरबुलंदीn.f. majesty, greatness
सरमिंदाadj. modest; embarassed
सरहदn.m. border territory
सराफाn.m. bank, financial market
सराहn.f. praise, appreciation, admiration
सरीकn.m. partner
सरुn.m. beginning
सलाहn.f. advice, discussion; सलाह दोलती: good advice
सलुक / सलूकn.m. conduct
सवान्हाn.m.pl. events, news
सवारn.m. rider, cavalryman
सवारn.m. early morning
सषरीs. सषरो
सषरोadj. good, fine
सस-num. six (in cmpds.)
सहुलीयतn.f. easiness
सांड़्योn.m. camel
साइरadv. in addition; n.m. land the yield of which is exempt from taxation
सागिरदn.m. servant, subject
साजn.f. arms, weapons; gear of mounts
सादn.m. wish, yearning
सादकadj. true, just, trustworthy
सादरadj./adv. issued
सादिरadj./adv. issued
सादेयांनाn.m.pl. celebrations
साबकs. साबिक
साबिकn.m. previous, earlier
साबुतadj. solid, stable
सायदadv. maybe
सायसताadj. apt, worthy
सारौn.m. power, authority
सालगीरहn.m. birthday
सालीनोs. सालीयानो
सालीयानाs. सालीयानो
सालीयानोn.m. annual income; land taken on lease for one year
साहौs. स्याहौ
सिकसतn.f. defeat
सिणसिणीn.f. noise
सिरपेचs. सरपेच
सिलसिलेpostpos. in order, sequence
सिलहैn.f.pl. weapons
सी-num. three (in cmpds.)
सीपारसn.f. recommendation
सीर जोरadj. stubborn, rebellious
सीषn.f. instruction, information
सुज-v.i. to swell
सुन्हरी-रुपहरीadj. made of gold and silver
सुपरदn.f. handing over, entrusting
सुपेदadj. white
सुफैदीn.f. cleaning
सुबहांनीadj. praising, gloryfying
सुभ-बांछकn.m. friend, well-wisher
सुरतिn.f. remembrance, thought
सुराषn.m. hole, opening
सुलहn.f. settlement, peace treaty
सुलाहs. सलाह
सुवालn.m. question
सुवारs. सवार
सुसतadj. heavy, clumsy, lazy
सुसराn.m. father-in-law
सेरn.f. journey, excursion
सेलn.m. spear
सेहतn.f. health
सोगंदn.f. oath
सोगंधn.f. oath
सोरn.m. noise, tumult, uproar
सोवमnum.ord. third
सोषीn.f. cunning, treachery
सोहबतn.f. meeting, discussion, conversation
सौकn.f. predilection, wish
स्माल्हn.m. care, attention
स्मेs. समे
स्याहौn.m. inventory, register
हंगामोn.m. tumult, turmoil, rebellion
हंमवारगीn.f. duration, long duration, eternity
हकीकतn.f. fact, reality; the events
हकीकतीs. हकीकत
हजरतn.f. highness, majesty (almost exclusively used for the Emperor)
हजुरn.m./f. presence; highness, majesty; court; हजुर भेज-: tosend sth. to a person of higher rank
हजुरीs. हजुर
हत्तलमकदारadv. to the best of one's ability
हथकड़ीn.f. chain to tie hands together
हदn.f. border
हफत-num. seven (in cmpds.)
हयातn.f. life
हरकारोn.m. messenger, courier
हरगजadv. anytime, by any means
हरगिजadv. anytime, by any means
हराम-नमकn.m. traitor, bastard
हरौलn.m. vanguard, advance guard
हवादारadj. open, airy
हसत-num. eight (in cmpds.)
हसीतn.m. shareholder
हाजरadj. present; गैर-हाजर: absent
हालn.m. condition, situation; present; adv. now
हासलs. हासिल
हासिलn.m. result; yield, collected taxes
हीजadv. only, exclusively, by any means
हीदायतn.f. honesty; guidance
हीमायतीn.f. support, patronage
हीरणn.m. deer, gazelle
हुंडीn.f. bill, draft
हुडीs. हुंडी
हुजतीn.f. objection
हुरोn.m. abuse, insult
होदोn.m. howdah